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Founded in 2020, the Afghanistan U.S. Democratic Peace and Prosperity Council (DPPC) stands for a strong bond between Afghanistan, America, and western allies. We stand for a future where Afghanistan has democracy, peace, security, and prosperity.

Our organization is led by reformers in Afghanistan’s Parliament-in-exile and Afghan-Americans who believe strongly in the benefits of an alliance between the people of Afghanistan and America. Our mission is to ensure that this bond stays strong.

We belong to the majority population under 40-years old whose hope for the future has been shaped by America’s sacrifices for our country. The Taliban’s forceful takeover has galvanized our commitment to advocate for the young generation of Afghans, who now live under the yoke of a totalitarian regime.


The Afghanistan-U.S. Democratic Peace and Prosperity Council is an organization dedicated to the furtherance of the long-standing friendship and alliance, forged in a strong mutual commitment to shared ideals, between Afghans and Americans.

Image by Sohaib Ghyasi

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