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Promoting Good Governance

Strategies to Combat Public and Private Sector Corruption

“Corruption, government malfeasance….continue to be the greatest threats to the sustainability of what Afghans, the United States and our partners have sacrificed to achieve in Afghanistan”


Published in the the Oct 2019 SIGAR Report. Source: Acting Assistant Secretary of State Alice G. Wells, Testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee for Asia and the Pacific, 9/19/2019

Corruption is one of the biggest threats to Afghanistan’s Democracy, Peace and Prosperity. Unfortunately, it is a de-facto modus operandi for too many government officials and agencies. 

This widespread graft comes at the expense of key government institutions ability to serve the people of Afghanistan.


Corruption in Afghanistan impacts national and local government, the business community and individuals. It threatens peace, stability, democracy, economic development and the financial commitment of allies, especially the United States.


The DPPC supports the efforts of principled Afghan leaders and the Parliament of Afghanistan to prevent corruption, nepotism, and abuse of the rule of law. 


Most recently, the Parliament of Afghanistan has taken steps to curb rampant corruption by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s (GIROA) by restricting its ability to administer the procurement process for the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and moving all U.S. funded procurements for ANDSF off budget.


The DPPC commends the bold steps the Parliament of Afghanistan and welcomes their continued leadership in the fight against corruption. 


The DPPC strongly encourages the continued use of off budget contracting for all U.S. and allied funded procurements in Afghanistan and parallel efforts designed to:  

  • Identify, put a halt to and prosecute the illegal actions of corrupt government officials and individuals

  • Ensure the ANDSF maintains  its operational capabilities and readiness

  • Promote job growth, reintegration and the ability of legitimate Afghan businesses to compete for contracts    

  • Provide a roadmap for a future “On Budget” contracting process and a societal shift away from corruption and towards transparency and the rule of law

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