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DPPC Condemns Escalation in Deadly Attacks by the Taliban

The DPPC condemns the continued escalation in deadly attacks by the Taliban against Afghan troops and civilians.

Since the U.S. and Taliban signed a peace agreement on February 29th of this year, the Taliban has adjusted its tactics and now avoids attacks against U.S. troops and U.S. bases while it significantly increases attacks on Afghan military and civilian targets. Recent Pentagon reports cited a five-fold increase in Taliban attacks against the Afghan military along with continued Taliban support for and collaboration with Al-Qaeda forces. The Taliban’s duplicitous strategy creates a smokescreen behind which it claims a commitment to a reduction in violence on the one hand while on the other hand aggressively carrying out a campaign of terror death and destruction against Afghan soldiers and the Afghan people. Furthermore, the Taliban exploits the deconfliction framework set up as part of their peace agreement with the U.S., using it as a tool to deter and delay U.S. airstrikes in response to attacks against Afghan troops.

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