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DPPC Human Rights Report

The following is a list of atrocities that have occurred in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Each of these reports has been corroborated by trusted sources on the ground. Additional information is available upon request from the DPPC.

This report covers the period January 15, - January 24, 2022.

January 15, 2022, Kabul, Extrajudicial Killing: Sources in Kabul said that a woman named Zainab Abdullahi was killed after the Taliban opened fire on her vehicle at a checkpoint in the Golai area of the 13th district of Kabul around 11 pm. Initially, they were allowed to go after inspection by the Taliban forces, but a few meters away from the checkpoint, Taliban forces fired at her vehicle.

January 16, 2022, Nangarhar, Extrajudicial Killing: Unidentified gunmen shot dead a man near Saracha Bridge in Jalalabad City’s District 9. A local resident said the perpetrators fled the area.

January 18, 2022, Balkh, Extrajudicial Killing: A female civil society activist, Hanifa Nazari, was killed by unknown gunmen nearby her house in Balkh province. The perpetrators fled the area on a motorcycle.

January 18, 2022, Takhar, Extrajudicial Detention & Punishment: Local sources in Takhar province report that Taliban forces have arrested Mohammad Tahir, a former commander of popular uprisings. He was arrested from his house in the Kalafgan district of the province. Family members of Mohammad Tahir claim that he was severely beaten by the Taliban forces.

January 18, 2022, Nangarhar, Extrajudicial Killing: A former police officer was killed by unknown gunmen in the Pechargam district of Nangarhar province. Local sources report that the gunmen managed to flee the area.

January 20, 2022, Baghlan, Extrajudicial Killing: Local sources in Baghlan province claim that a young man was killed in the Surkh-Kotal area of the province. Provincial security officials confirming the report said that the victim was killed by unknown gunmen.

January 21, 2022, Kapisa, Extrajudicial Killing: A local elder was killed in the Khudayar Khail area in Kapisa province. Relatives of the victim said that he was killed. They added that he had no personal enmity and was killed by unknown gunmen in his house.

January 21, 2022, Balkh, Extrajudicial Killing: Local sources say, Commander Qadir, a special forces officer of the former government, and seven of his men had gone to a House party in a district of Balkh province when the Taliban ambushed and shot everyone. The host was also killed along with three of his family members.

January 21, 2022, Badakhshan, Extrajudicial Punishment: A man and woman in Badakhshan province were extrajudicially punished for having extramarital relations. Both were flocked by the Taliban judges. Provincial Taliban officials have not yet commented on the case.

January 22, 2022, Takhar, Extrajudicial Killing: Local sources in Takhar say unidentified gunmen shot and killed an employee of the former government's agriculture department in Takhar and took his car away. According to sources, the incident took place on Friday afternoon, on the grounds of Takhar University.

January 24, 2022, Nangarhar, Extrajudicial Killing: Local sources in Nangarhar province report that Taliban forces have killed a detainee by severely beating him. The sources reported that the incident took place in the Ghani Khail district of the province.

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