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WASHINGTON — The Afghanistan-U.S. Democratic Peace & Prosperity Council released a set of five recommendations on Tuesday that the Biden administration must take to ensure a safe and thorough evacuation of vulnerable Afghans.

The recommendations include:

  1. The 82nd Airborne has taken control of Kabul International Airport (KIA), and it needs to maintain control of the airport and airspace until all vulnerable Afghans have been evacuated out of the country.

  2. KIA has the capacity to house tens of thousands of people, it must be immediately converted into a temporary housing facility for Afghans waiting to flee the country.

  3. The US needs to work with international NGOs to ensure that KIA does not turn into a humanitarian disaster. There are more than 1,000,000 displaced persons in Kabul already.

  4. Evacuation must be prioritized for those most vulnerable to violent reprisal by the Taliban including all SIV’s, IV’s and refugees. This includes:

  • Approved and in-process SIVs and their families

  • Approved or pending IV applicants and their families

  • Those who assisted NATO operations but do not have SIVs and their families

  • Journalists and their families

  • Activists, judges, parliamentarians, aid workers, religious minorities, high profile artists, musicians, and media figures, high-risk ANDSF & AAF employees, and their family members.

5. While the U.S. has increased its refugee numbers, more countries must come forward to accept Afghan refugees.

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