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DPPC Statement on Reports of Unconditional U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan on Sep. 11, 2021

Updated: May 11, 2021

Afghanistan has a fleeting window of opportunity to secure a once in a generation peace that sets the country on a path of security and self-sufficiency. The Afghan people have suffered greatly through more than forty years of continuous war and they want peace. The Biden administration’s efforts to promote the intra-Afghan peace process have been very constructive and provided a much needed breath of fresh air into a stalled process. But, the Afghanistan-U.S. Democratic Peace and Prosperity Council believes that the U.S. troop presence is a critical element to securing a sustainable peace agreement, and we urge President Biden to pursue a conditions-based troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, rather than an unconditional withdrawal on September 11th, 2021.

A hasty unconditional withdrawal takes away the Afghan Government’s leverage to negotiate a fair peace deal in Istanbul. It jeopardizes the significant societal gains of the past twenty years including women’s rights, and democratic institutions such as an independent Parliament, free press, and vibrant civil society. It also risks destabilizing the country and the region, increasing the likelihood of a civil war, and the resurgence of terrorist groups that threaten local, regional, and global security. These same concerns have been raised by many members of Congress, and members of the administration, particularly in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. We urge President Biden to heed the concerns of his own administration and Members of Congress regarding a hasty troop withdrawal.

Martin Amin Rahmani Executive Director

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