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DPPC Supports Legislation to Block International Recognition of the Taliban

The Afghanistan-US Democratic Peace and Prosperity Council (DPPC) welcomes the legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives to block international recognition of the Taliban’s violent takeover of Afghanistan and oppression of its people.

U.S. Reps. Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), Elise Stefanik (N.Y.), Joe Wilson (S.C.), and John Curtis (Utah) introduced the Taliban Recognition Prevention Act, which if enacted, would bar the Biden administration from supporting any kind of recognition of the Taliban as a legitimate governing body in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban’s hostile takeover of Afghanistan has brought nothing but pain, suffering, and subjugation of innocent men, women, and children,” said Martin Rahmani, Executive Director of the DPPC. “Any official recognition of the Taliban would constitute a complete moral failure. The United States must lead the way in ensuring the Taliban’s human rights abuses and terrorism are not legitimized or tolerated.”

The Taliban Recognition Prevention Act would assert:

● The President should not extend any diplomatic recognition to the Taliban-controlled government in Afghanistan.

● The administration should not provide any funds to the Taliban, directly or indirectly, and must not relieve any bilateral or multilateral sanctions on the Taliban or its Taliban leaders.

● Reiterates that the Taliban continues to have close ties to al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

Read the full text of the legislation here.

The DPPC has previously called on the Biden administration to lead the way in expanding sanctions on the Taliban’s political organization and leadership. The Taliban’s inability to cooperate with global order and norms requires an aggressive and encompassing response.

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