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Parliament Calls for Transparency and Oversight in GIRoA Spending of COVID-19 Relief Funds

Parliament expresses its deepest thanks to Afghanistan’s international allies for pledging hundreds of millions of dollars in COVID-19 relief aid for the Afghan people. However, Parliament is very concerned about the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s (GIRoA) efforts to avoid transparency and Parliamentary oversight to ensure the aid is spent appropriately. GIRoA continues to avoid transparency and attempts to circumvent Parliamentary oversight of its budget allocation and spending practices, though Parliament is investigating several instances of GIRoA’s gross mismanagement of COVID-19 relief funds.

The pandemic has created a public health crisis in Afghanistan and an unprecedented economic crisis that disproportionately affects the most vulnerable members of Afghan society. Relief aid is desperately needed for medical supplies and treatments, as well as basic necessities, like food, for the many whose livelihoods have been impacted. Unlike aid given in the past, this aid cannot be squandered or stolen. Parliament calls on GIRoA to follow the legal process for budget changes, provide transparency, and comply with oversight requirements.

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