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Young Afghan Woman Embraces Entrepreneurship

This month, the IFC shared a story about Selsela Nihan, a young female entrepreneur in Afghanistan. In the article, part of their “Stories of Impact” series, they describe how Selsela returned to Afghanistan, after living abroad as a refugee for more than a decade, and pursued her dream of opening up a clothing store.

While this might seem like an easy task, and while more young women are choosing to become entrepreneurs in Afghanistan, it is still difficult for women to break into the Afghanistan business sector.

In the article, Selsela describes the difficulties women face when opening up a business, including financial issues, security issues and cultural barriers. In Afghanistan, the normal process of opening a business requires going through four methods of registration, however, high levels of corruption, social constraints, and stigma towards women prolong this process. According to the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, more than 1,150 female entrepreneurs have invested nearly $77 million USD in various businesses over the past two decades in Afghanistan. These investments have also secured jobs for over 77,000 people across the country.

Selsela is part of the young generation of Afghan women who are breaking down social and cultural barriers and doing their part to build a better future for all Afghans through entrepreneurship in their communities.

The DPPC is proud to hear stories like Selsela’s and is supportive of efforts to empower women in Afghanistan.

Photo Credit: First MicroFinance Bank of Afghanistan

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