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Young Afghans Use Arts and Modeling to Hope For A Better Future

This week, TOLOnews shared the story of young Afghan artists who utilize painting and calligraphy to express hope for peace and find comfort in uncertain and distressing times. The article describes how the young artists focus their art on the positive aspects of Afghan society.

The young painters and calligraphers embrace art as a lifestyle to enhance their self-worth and well-being. In major Afghan cities, particularly in the capital Kabul, one can come up across many walls and fortifications filled with paintings and graffiti that portray violence and carnage. While this is also an art that reflects a nation's voice tired of war, that's not the whole story of Afghanistan's youth. A new generation of Afghan artists makes artwork about nature, beauty, peace, and other cultural themes. Afghan youth have passions, dreams, and ambitions like all other young people. Young Afghans also turn to arts for inspiration, entertainment, and just for fun. For instance, last month, sixty female and male models attended a modeling show in Kabul to compete for Miss and Mr. Afghanistan 2020. The attendees wanted to improve their modeling skills and explore new personal and professional opportunities. Afghanistan has one of the highest proportions of young people in the world; more than 70% of its population is under the age of 25.

Afghan youth have come a long way from the ugly days of the 1990s where the young generation barely had any personal freedoms, let alone following their passions and having fun. The DPPC supports a better and safer future for all Afghans, especially young women and men.

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